For Pride Month 2014, I created a LibGuide showcasing all of the St. Louis area and Washington University LGBT organizations, as well as ALLY organizations and upcoming events in the LGBT community.  You can find it here.

PowToon Videos

Since the Spring, I have created over a dozen Powtoon Videos to help train students on basic things like checking out books, as well as more involved subjects like Interlibrary Loan and our new circulating tech items.  The video here is an example of some of my early work.

Blackboard Instructor

Another Summer 2014 goal has been to create a course on Blackboard to gather all training materials (videos, manuals, and quizzes) together into one place.  It's also a one-stop resource for students to look up staff members, post on discussion boards, and send e-mail to me or the other staff members.




Mysteries Bibliographer

I have recently become the bibliographer for mysteries in our popular literature section.  Using GOBI, I now have a budget that allows me to order upcoming and popular mystery books for Olin Library.  This has really given me some great collections development experience.